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Top 5 LA mayoral candidates square off during debate

Top 5 LA mayoral candidates square off during debate 03:38

Candidates for Los Angeles mayor took the stage for a debate Sunday. 

The five L.A. mayoral candidates chosen were leading in the polls, including L.A. City Councilman Joe Buscaino, Rep. Karen Bass, D-Los Angeles, businessman Rick Caruso, L.A. City Councilman Kevin de Leon and L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer. 

The debate, held at Cal State University Los Angeles, touched on a number of issues related to local residents of the City of Los Angeles, from the quality of life to the homeless crisis. 

"If we can build football stadiums as well as basketball arenas and shopping malls, we can build housing for our unhoused neighbors today," said de Leon during the debate. 

The candidates participated in the debate co-sponsored by the Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs at Cal State L.A, and the League of Women Voters of Greater Los Angeles. 

"My first day as mayor I will put a top official in who consolidates all the authority of the mayor's office under my leadership," said Feuer, talking about homelessness solutions. 

The candidates squared off with each other, building on ideas to combat homelessness and requesting the help of the federal government. 

"I'm suggesting we get together a number of mayors and go to the White House and say this is a natural emergency," Bass said about the homeless crisis. 

Other topics at the debate included jobs in L.A., with candidates giving their plans to keep people employed. 

My jobs plan is simple and is part of my public safety plan," said Buscaino. "Anyone asking for a job in the City of Los Angeles will get one." 

Mental health and addiction were also topics touched upon during the debate. 

"We have people with mental illness, we have people with drug addiction," said Caruso. "We have people who just need a second chance. Let's give that second chance with compassion. Let's give them the services they need." 

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