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First Look At Shark Bite Victim's Recovery

ORANGE ( — An Orange County mom and triathlete is smiling and recovering from a severe shark bite.

Friday, Orange County Global Medical Center released a picture of Maria Korcsmaros in her hospital bed.

Korcsmaros, 52, was bitten last weekend while swimming off Corona del Mar beach.

No swimming or surfing was allowed near that beach for three days after the incident.

Korcsmaros was bitten on the right side of her body.

Click here to donate to Maria's GoFundMe page for her recovery. 

An orthopedic surgeon who operated on Korcsmaros said her upper chest, arms and buttocks were injured by the shark.

Several of her ribs were broken, and the shark's teeth came close to her heart.

Korcsmaros was able to get help from lifeguards within minutes.

A tourniquet was applied quickly, which stopped the bleeding and improved Korcsmaros's chances for survival.

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