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Film, TV Productions Leaving Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES ( — Film and television productions are leaving Los Angeles for better tax incentives in other states and countries.

Film L.A., which oversees filming permits, said of the 23 new television dramas this fall, only two will be shot locally, including CBS' "Vegas."

"Each one that leaves represents about 840 jobs and $60 million to our economy," said Film L.A.'s Paul Audley.

On the other hand, 11 television dramas shoot in New York.

"The mayor of New York and the governor of New York are announcing that they are the film capital of the world in this century. Unless we start fighting, they're going to be right," said Audley.

Film production is also down 60 percent from its peak 15 years ago, according to Film L.A.

Those trying to get production back to Los Angeles said the state tax incentives must be improved.

"California has a $100 million tax incentive program per year. It's very limited. Network television can't use it, for example. New York is offering $420 million," said Audley.

Dave Henke, an unemployed location manager from Sylmar, is a victim of TV production leaving L.A.

"I've lost my insurance, so I have no medical insurance for me and my family," he said.

Henke used to work 11 months out of the year. This year, he's only worked on one project.

"I got a week's worth of work on a show that is about Los Angeles, but it's shot in Canada. They come down here to shoot pick up stuff once a year," he said.

Henke's unemployment runs out in four weeks.

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