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Female Students At Pasadena High Say Strict Dress Code Is Getting Uncomfortable

PASADENA ( — Many female students at Pasadena High said they already believed the school's dress code was unfair.

They believed the code was much stricter for female students than male students.

CBS2's Amy Johnson spoke to students Wednesday who said the strict code was getting even more harsh.

Many students head back to school during the hottest summer weather. But dress codes can dictate what they wear on campus.

"We live in Southern California, to wear tank tops and shorts? That's a normal outfit," said junior Maya Hammond.

Short shorts aren't permitted. And tank tops aren't permitted at Pasadena High school unless the straps are at least 2 inches wide.

The dress code standards were presented at assemblies this week.

"I'm against the way they presented it to us," said sophomore Sophie Manoukian, "It's like girls should be ashamed of their bodies. And even though they presented it like it was about equal opportunity for education, it was about how girls can be distracting and pulled out of class to change. Whereas the boys stay in class."

Many of the female students Johnson spoke with say they are being unfairly targeted, and they've posted their concerns on social media.

"I think it really isn't fair to females.  That they are considered distracting. When we're not teaching males that it's not OK to treat women  like objects of pleasure and sexual objects," said junior Erica Whiting.

Many schools ban clothes that could be considered gang related, included sagging pants and revealing underwear.

However, Pasadena High School's standards of dress also included sleeveless undershirts, strapless dresses, spaghetti straps, off-the-shoulder, cutout designs and sundresses, as well as low-cut or tight shirts.

The school is also looking at banning leggings and yoga pants.

"I just go to school to learn, What I'm wearing shouldn't matter at the end of the day," says Hammond.

Johnson spoke with one of the assistant principals, who says they have not decided on yoga pants. The assistant principal, who is female, also said the school is not targeting gender on campus, they just want to eliminate distractions and focus on education.

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