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Driver Crashes Into River While Singing 'Happy Birthday' On Phone, Rescued By FedEx Driver

TRUCKEE, Calif. (KOVR-TV) — A FedEx driver braved freezing cold water to save a woman who lost control of her car and crashed into a river in California on Monday.

"It was definitely some of the coldest water," FedEx Express driver Brandon Alt told KOVR-TV. "I felt obligated. I was the only one on the road that saw the accident. I had to do something."

California Highway Patrol says a Subaru crashed into the Truckee River after swerving off the road. CHP Officer Seth Jennings says the woman was singing "Happy Birthday" to a relative but never finished the song. "She looked down at her phone to make a phone call," Officer Jennings said. "She looked up she was headed towards the Truckee River and it was too late."

Luckily Brandon Alt's delivery route is along the same road.

"I pulled over, scaled down the dirt cliff down to the river. The car is sitting roughly halfway submerged. I knocked on her door she turns around and says 'please help me,'" Alt said.

Alt was eventually able to get the driver out of the back door.

"Water rushed into the vehicle and I told her, 'you're going to have to crawl back if you can,'" he said.

But Brandon does not consider himself a hero.

"I would just hope and expect anybody in that situation to do the same," Alt said.

"You have to be a person that wants to help other people and obviously that FedEx driver was one of those people. It was a heroic action that he took," Officer Jennings said.

The California Highway Patrol tells us the driver of the Subaru was not injured or charged with any crimes.

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