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Father-Son Team Accused Of Organizing Extensive Mail-Truck Robbery Ring

ADELANTO ( — An Adelanto father and son are suspected of opening the backs of moving postal trucks and stealing bags of mail for more than a year, police say.

Kory Parker and Kory Parker, Jr.  have been arrested in the heists that started in 2015 in L.A., then Victorville, Murrieta, Pasadena, Phela, Colton and Rialto in 2016, police say. Bags of cash from businesses being carried on the trucks were taken over the course of the year totaling $400,000.

In a 20-page affidavit the Feds explained postal employees would drive from their post office with bags of mail in the backs of their trucks and would soon find the back doors open, bags gone, locks cut.

An L.A. and Victorville driver reported someone riding on their trucks.

A photo was included in the affidavit of another incident of a man hiding in the Victorville post office before he stole a bag of mail.

Police suspect a postal employee was involved because the routes and details were something only an employee would know, but so far no one from the postal service has been charged.

The affidavit describes officers finding a blue ski mask, U.S. postal polo shirt and large bolt cutter in the elder Parker's truck.

An Instagram account was described in the affidavit said to belong to Parker, Jr. showing photos of lavish life filled with cars, clothes and a purchase of a new traveling video game business.

Both father and son are jailed without bond.

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