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Father Mourns 19-Year-Old Son Killed In Hit-And-Run Days Before Graduating

COMPTON (CBSLA) -- "Christoper was 19 years old, but he was my best friend. We talked every day," says Gerald Frushon.

Frushon still feels like his son Christopher will come by his house for a visit or call to catch up. Instead, this father is grieving his son's tragic death

"It's just so surreal, it doesn't seem real, there's no way to describe it," Frushon told KCAL9's Rachel Kim.

About 8:45 p.m. May 26, Christopher Frushon was walking across Wilmington Avenue in a marked crosswalk near Stockwell Avenue when he was hit by a car and launched into the air. Sheriff's investigators say the driver was speeding when he/she ran the red stop light. Surveillance cameras caught the car speeding away.

You see a passerby and a passenger in a car on the other side run toward Christopher Frushon to help, but the driver who hit him never came back.

"If they would apologize, I would forgive him. I don't believe anybody would do this on purpose," Christopher's dad says.

Frushon says his son was artistic, loved music and his family dearly. He was supposed to graduate from Manuel Dominguez High on Thursday. He was excited about life and had just taken his girlfriend to prom the week before he was killed. Frushon says everyone who loved his son needs answers.

"I would hope that they would just come forward and clear your conscience. Just give some closure to his mother and his siblings," Frushon said.

Investigators say the suspect's car is a midsize sedan, possibly a Charger or Kia. It should have a lot of damage to the front end and/or the roof because of the impact.

Frushon just wants justice for his son.

"It's not going to bring Christopher back," Frushon says, "but it would be nice to make sure this person doesn't do this to somebody else. All we can do is cherish the memories that we have of him."

Frushon told Kim that he and Christopher's mother were going to attend the graduation and accept Christopher's diploma on his behalf.

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