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Father Arrested For Leaving His Baby In Unlocked Car With Engine Running While He Went To Work

NORTH HOLLYWOOD  (  —  Controversy surrounds a young father Saturday after authorities said the man left his baby in an unlocked car, engine running, while he went to work.

The dad is a personal trainer.

The car was left running in the parking garage next to the 24 Hour Fitness where he went to work out with a client on Friday. (Staffers there say he is unaffiliated with the gym.)

KCAL9's Jennifer Kastner reported from outside the North Hollywood gym where Solomon Allen trained clients.

Allen is 25 and accused of leaving his 8-month-old daughter alone in the vehicle.

Pictures of him appeared on social media until his various sites were closed down. Before they were closed, Kastner was able to retrieve several pictures.

One friend posted, "Solomon Allen, a good guy. I've known him for years. We all do and done stupid stuff."

Allen was reportedly working with the client for about an hour when a parking garage maintenance worker heard the baby crying in the parking lot.

"I mean I get it. Life happens and we're all busy and but we're all adults, like lives depend on us," said gym member Karina Luna.

Some gym goers didn't understand why Allen left the child in the car -- the gym has day care.

"I don't know," said gym member Michelle Myles, "I'm a mother of two and I wouldn't go to work. I mean, I would just call in -- they have a day care in there."

Kastner confirmed the gym has day care and charges $7 for the day.They also said at 8-months of age Allen's daughter was old enough for enrollment.

Allen was arrested on child endangerment charges.

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