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Fan Seriously Injured At Super Bowl Planning Lawsuit After Falling Multiple Rows

INGLEWOOD (CBSLA) — A woman in attendance at Super Bowl LVI is planning a lawsuit for unspecified damages after she suffered multiple injuries at the event.

Lita Abella said it all happened just before the end of the halftime performance, after her son, who she was at the game with stepped away to use the restroom. In an event being referred to as a "human avalanche," Abella and her legal team believe that a person in an above row fell - setting off a chain reaction of fans that ended up with Abella flying multiple rows forward.

"I remember my face hitting the seat," Abella said.

She sustained a broken nose, a swollen eye and multiple injuries to the right side of her body.

Abella, who spent around $9,000 on tickets to the game, detailed the moments following her fall to CBS reporters. "My head felt like it was going to explode," she said, "So I put my two hands up to my head and I see my hands drenched in blood."

She knocked out for a bit, and when she woke back up she was surrounded by other fans, paramedics and her son.

As Abella's legal team continues to investigate the situation, they disclosed that a police report has already been filed on the incident, and they are hoping to learn more on the events leading up to her fall.

"We're not sure if it was anything on purpose, or what actually happened," Anna Okhovat, Abella's attorney said.

CBS reached out to SoFi Stadium for a statement on the incident, but denied comment as an investigation is ongoing and they search for additional information.

Inglewood Police Department is referring to the situation as "an unfortunate accident."

"She was sitting.  She was not standing," Okhovat said, "So maybe, if someone is intoxicated or whatever and they're standing they may lose their balance, but that doesn't happen when you're sitting."

So far, one additional person at the game has come forward to Abella's legal team claiming that they also felt a push around the same time, but that person did not suffer any injury.

"We're looking for witnesses. We're looking for video," Okhovat continued.

Abella said she had three beers in the parking lot prior to the game, but once she entered SoFi Stadium she didn't purchase anything else to drink.

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