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Fan Essentials: All-Time Dream Match-Up

Ryan Mayer

The Final Four is upon us, and as usual we have several potentially intriguing options for national championship games. There's the possibility of the Cinderella of the ball crashing the party against either of the blue bloods (Kansas or Villanova).

We could see Michigan, seeking to end the season on one of the hottest runs in recent memory, against a Jayhawks team looking to recapture magic from 10 years ago, in the same arena they last won a title.

Or, we could see the Wolverines attempt to stop Jay Wright and Villanova from capping one of the most successful three-year spans ever with a second national title.

As intriguing as all of those match-ups are, we still have to wait several days before we find out which one we'll get. So, in the mean time, we're resorting to one of the most tried-and-true debate topics in sports: best all-time match-up. Basically, if you could pick any two teams in the history of college basketball, to play one game against each other with the national title on the line, which two teams would it be?

While you ponder your answer and debate among friends, we caught up with CBS Sports Network college basketball analysts Brendan Haywood, Wally Szczerbiak, Gary Parrish and Jon Rothstein and posed the same question to them. Check out the video above to hear their answers!

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