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Family Seeks Justice For Honeymooner Killed In Venice Car Rampage

BEVERLY HILLS ( — A preliminary hearing is set to begin Tuesday for the suspect involved in August's deadly vehicular rampage along the Venice Beach boardwalk, which claimed the life of a young woman on her honeymoon.

Nathan Campbell, 38, is charged with one count of murder and multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon after he violently drove his vehicle along the boardwalk, injuring 16 people.

Alice Gruppioni, 32, a young woman from Italy visiting on her honeymoon, was killed in the event.

Gruppioni's aunt, Katia, traveled from Italy to witness the hearing.

"What we want is just justice," Gruppioni said. "Not revenge, no nothing. Just justice."

Gruppioni suggests that Alice's family is still having a very difficult time dealing with her loss.

"I see my brother, I see my sister-in-law, [and] every time I look at them I just feel they are brave just to wake up and breathe every morning," Gruppioni said.

She describes Alice's widower, meanwhile, as "devastated."

Gregory Bentley, who is representing the Gruppioni family in the hearing, says he is conducting an investigation as to just what conditions existed along the boardwalk to allow a vehicle to reach an area frequented regularly by hundreds of people.

"From the family's perspective, we're appreciative of the District Attorney's office and the prosecution of Mr. Campbell, and we're looking forward to the criminal process meting out full and complete justice, and that Mr. Campbell will be accountable for his actions," Bentley said.

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