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Families Of Fallen Los Angeles Officers Gather In Long Beach

LONG BEACH ( — The families of Los Angeles officers who have died in the line of duty gathered in Long Beach Sunday for an event aimed at offering support.

"It's sad how people bash the police because not everyone is bad," said Jalen Lee, whose dad, Nick Lee, was killed in the line of duty two years ago.

She and others gathered for a day of ice cream and fun, fun for families who have lost loved ones in the line of duty.

"It's nice to talk to them because they understand what we all went through," said Jalen.

Over the years, the Alevys, Deanna and Allen, have invited families to their home to put smiles on some faces that have shown pain for so long.

"It means so much knowing that there are people that care about us," said Cathy Lee, a widow.

"People don't understand what the families go through," said Francis Perez, the fiancé of a deceased LAPD officer.

The event comes in the wake of a week of violence against officers in Texas and Missouri.

"It really breaks my heart, just seeing how much hatred is out there," said Lee. "There's just no words. I feel so bad for them."

Meanwhile, blocks away, on Ocean Boulevard, a protest was held condemning police for killing men in Louisiana and Minnesota.

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