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Facial Recognition Technology Helps Lost Dogs Reunite With Their Owners

WEST LOS ANGELES ( — Dog owners have long relied on ID tags or microchips to find their lost pooches.

Now, many dog owners are going high tech and using facial recognition technology to help find Fido.

The mobile app Finding Rover allows pet owners to upload a photo of their pooch, along with their zip code.

If a dog goes missing, app users can then search participating dog shelters for a match.

On Thursday, the Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and VCA Animal Hospitals announced they are partnering with the app.

Finding Rover Founder John Polimeno said the app has reunited about 800 dogs with their owners in a year.

"The technology is looking at markers in the face. We look at 128 markers and we're able to distingush one from another with 98 percent accuracy," he said.

Experts say the app shouldn't take the place of micro chips or identifying collars. Rather, it's an extra aid.

Dog owner Tracy Mills said she downloaded the app as soon as she could. She said she'd be devastated to be separated from her 13-year-old Jack Russell terrier Trixie.

"If she got lost, I'd be devastated," Mills said.

Next month, Polimeno said the app will begin to incorporate cats, too.

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