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Experts: El Nino Far From Over In The Southland

LOS ANGELES ( — If you think El Nino is done, you should think again.

Meteorologist Kurt Kaplan from the National Weather Service says that "We can see storm tracks all the way through April."

Kaplan added that the storms are certainly brewing, they're just in Northern California at the moment.

"What happens when it gets close to us is, it's been being deflected because of the high pressure," Kaplan told KCAL9's Rebecca Ferriter.

Experts say it's only a matter of time until El Nino comes down South, with February expected to be the wettest month of the year.

Camarillo resident Darren Zaylor isn't too upset about the lack of rainfall in the Southland so far.

"That's OK, as long as everyone's safe, I'd love to see more [rain]," Zaylor said.

Even if the rain does stay up North, forecasters say it's still good for the Southland, as the run-off helps fill water reservoirs and build up the snowpack.

"It took use 4 years to get into a drought, it will likely take us a few years to get out of it," Kaplan added.

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