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Exhibit Of Cleopatra Artifacts To Open At The California Science Center

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — An exhibit showcasing the legendary Cleopatra, the infamous queen of Egypt and lover of both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, opens Wednesday at the California Science Center.

"Cleopatra: The Exhibition" will take place in a 13,000-square-foot space showcasing the largest collection of Cleopatra-era artifacts from Egypt ever assembled in the U.S., according to the California Science Center. The exhibit runs through Dec. 31.

Exhibit producers say more than 150 priceless Egyptian artifacts recovered from sand and sea will be put on display, including statues, jewelry and coins from Cleopatra's lost palace in Alexandria.

Cleopatra VII was crowned queen of Egypt at 17, as the Roman Empire was threatening to swallow up the ancient civilization. Cleopatra famously seduced two of Rome's most powerful leaders – Julius Caesar and Mark Antony – and bore children to both men. The Egyptian queen died by her own hand, with the bite of an asp.

Tickets to the exhibit are timed and valid only for the specified admission date and time. Tickets can be bought online, by phone and at the box office.

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