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Exclusive: "Sugar" Shane Mosley Makes Heroic Rescue Of Baby In 405 Freeway Wreck

LOS ANGELES ( — He's a world champion boxer who has won eight belts, but today when he saw a four-car pile up on the 405 freeway, it wasn't about being a champion.

It was about being human, which is why "Sugar" Shane Mosley immediately stopped for help when he saw the wreck.

"You don't know if the car is going to catch fire, what's going to happen, then seeing there's a baby in there..." Mosley said to KCAL9 reporter Brittney Hopper.

Mosley says a baby was in his car seat, screaming, and bleeding. The father of the baby who was driving the car was so out of it he couldn't unlock the door to get to the baby, Mosley added.

Mosley and his girlfriend called 911 and finally got the baby out of the car, and held him until paramedics arrived.

"The baby was crying and bleeding, his neck was bruised," Mosley said.

Mosley grabbed the baby bag from the car and then followed the ambulance to the hospital.

Along the way, Mosley's girlfriend called the baby's mother, who is also pregnant with her second child. They got to the hospital and thankfully found out everyone will be OK.

"He (the father) was crying and saying, you guys are like an angel, and thank you for helping me. And being there for me and protecting my son."

Mosley also sent several tweets about the rescue.

Mosley also gave the family tickets to his upcoming fight on May 28th.

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