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Exclusive: Dog Suffering From Mysterious Chemical Burns Sparks Animal Cruelty Investigation

MISSION VIEJO ( — A Mission Viejo family is desperate for answers after their dog suffered suffered mysterious chemical burns.

Jerod Simpson told CBS2's Stacey Butler he first noticed strange blisters appear on the back of his seven-year-old Lab, "Cash," Tuesday night after Cash spent the day in his backyard.

On Wednesday morning, Simpson's mother, Pamela Lewis Bludworth, brought Cash to the Alicia Pet Care Center.

Simpson said after workers at the veterinarian's office had shaved Cash they saw the dog was covered with blisters.

Veterinarian Sarah Northrop says Cash's mysterious wounds were not consistent with a rash, hot spots or allergies.

"One of the concerns we had was either an acid burn, some kind of liquid that spilled over the dog's back and caused very severe skin wounds," Dr. Northrop said. "[It's] very, very concerning and consistent with what we thought was a chemical burn."

Simpson reported the incident to Orange County sheriff's deputies and animal control officers.

"Not having an idea of how it happened was even more frightening because you don't really know," Simpson said.

"I believe someone hurt him," Bludworth said.

Butler reports they are now investigating what they call a case of animal cruelty that may have occurred in Cash's back door.

Anxious from the pain, Cash meanwhile remains on medication. Doctors say he will need constant care, including laser therapy and wound dressing, for the next few months.

"Someone always sees something somewhere," said Bludworth, who's hoping someone will report any information pertinent to the case to Mission Viejo law enforcement.

Deputies Saturday will collect tissue samples from the dog to see what caused his burns.

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