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Excess Baggage? New Product Promises To Be Spanx For The Eyes

LOS ANGELES (  — It's a new product for the eyes developed by scientists at MIT and Harvard.

Some are calling it Spanx for the eyes. The product -- Neotensil -- promises the user that they can lose those bags under the eyes and look years younger.

Lisa Sigell, CBS 2's Health Reporter,  says the product literally caught Jennifer Aniston's attention and is helping women say goodbye to tired, puffy eyes. (Aniston co-owns Living Proof, the company that makes Neotensil.)

For now, Sigell reports, the product is only available through dermatologists.

She also spoke to a doctor that says it's best to try it before you buy it.

The one downside, you cannot use your own make-up on the eye area once it's applied or it will ruin the effect. The company sells make-up powders that can be used.

For decades, if not longer, women have tried to remove bags from under the eyes. From egg whites to hemorrhoid cream (yes, Preparation H) have all been touted as the best thing to apply to saggy eyes.

Neotensil is the new way -- "no surgery, no needles." it touts on their website.

Sigell showed Linda Kirkland's eyes -- one using the product, one without.

"I loved it, easy to apply," says Kirkland.

She told Sigell she's had her puffy eyes forever. It's hereditary and people can't help notice.

Kirkland tried just about every remedy and didn't want to go under the knife.

Derek Jones, a dermatologist, told Sigell that Neotensil is a daily two-step temporary fix for eye bags.

"Neotensil is a topical product, it's put underneath the eye," Jones says, "and it basically compresses the eye bags and smooths the skin out."

You apply one layer of product, then a second "activating" layer on top, which forms a thin, invisible film over the area. The film dries and tightens and flattens the under eye area.

Neotensil can last as much as 16 hours but Sigell reports, not everyone's a candidate.

"The best way to know, look straight up at the ceiling and if you have someone else look at you, and there is a bag underneath the eye, you're a good candidate," says Jones.

He says this product isn't the best solution for crow's feet and wont change any darkness under the under eye, but when it comes to the dreaded bags, so far so good.

"I was really impressed with how it worked and my patients think its remarkable," Jones added.

Neotensil costs $500 for a 2-month supply, a little less than $10 a day. But Linda Kirkland says it's all worth it.

"There was a slight tightening, but it works because it reminds you that it's working.  And you have more confidence and feel good about yourself," she says.

For cost comparison, a typical eye lift surgery starts at $3,000. Neotensil can also be used as a "special" events product that would make it last longer, Sigell says.


For more information about Neotensil, click here.

For more information about Dr. Derek Jones, click here.

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