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ET's Kevin Frazier Opens Up About Difficult Decision As Teen To Put Son Up For Adoption

STUDIO CITY ( — As the charismatic co-host of "Entertainment Tonight," Kevin Frazier has interviewed the biggest names in Hollywood.

But, he says, a part of his own life feels like a movie.

"It is one of the craziest stories ever," said Frazier, who as a teenager in Maryland, fathered a son who was put up for adoption.

A few years later, Frazier says he was at a McDonald's when he saw the face of a boy he recognized.

"And I looked and I was like, 'That's him,' " said Frazier, who says he kept in touch with his son named Tony.

And when Tony became a college student, he moved in with Frazier.

"It's a really weird thing coming back together with your grown child, because you miss all those times when you're little and get used to each other," he said.

Fast forward to present day, Frazier says he and Tony talk every day.

He even followed in his father's footsteps, becoming a television reporter and is now a father himself.

"Here's this kid and everybody's seeing him and they're like, 'Wait a minute, how did this happen? What's going on?' " he said.

On May 24, Frazier will be at Dodger Stadium to throw out the first pitch to Tony as part of the Mixed Roots Foundation's annual "Adoptee Night."

He's hoping to raise money to send 1,500 adopted and foster care kids to the game.

"It's about an experience for a kid who may not have someone in their life who helps them with all these experiences," he said.

To donate or purchase tickets, click here.

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