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Ethan Cutkosky On Showtime's 'Shameless': 'The Big Vibe Of The Season Is Everyone Is Happy To Be There'

(CBS Local)-- The final season of "Shameless" is currently airing on Showtime and the series has represented an important chapter in Ethan Cutkosky's life and career. The actor plays Carl Gallagher on the hit series and he went from going to school in Illinois to being on a popular TV show being shot in Chicago.


Cutkosky has appeared in over 100 episodes of the series and is thankful that he had the opportunity to grow as a person and an actor on the Showtime series.

"When we realized this was going to be our last season, we knew that this was something that we had been preparing for after 11 seasons," said Cutkosky, in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "The big vibe of this season is everyone is happy to be there right now. Everyone is happy to be working with each other. There's a lot of mix feelings from the fans and a lot of people who don't want this to end, but they are also excited to see what is going to happen this year."

"Shameless" airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. EST/PST on Showtime. Cutkosky was just 12 years old when he joined the show. The actor says his parents and friends were critical in helping him to stay grounded as a child actor.

"The biggest thing I remember is my parents would always say you got to treat this like a job and we're going to make you do your school work," said Cutkosky. "My mom was not going to let me fall behind in school. I was just a 12 year old kid and they didn't want me to get lost in whatever was going on. I'm an avid skateboarder and I remember skating through the lot and skating is not allowed on the lot. It was always just a lot of trial and error. My dad and I grew very close together. We would come out here [California] and get the work done and then go back home. I wasn't worried about getting picked back up, I was worried about when me and my friends were going to hang out."

One of the best parts of the show for Cutkosky is learning from cast members like the show's star William H. Macy. The actor will forever be grateful for his time with one of the most talented actors in Hollywood.

"He very much helped me learn my lines and that was repetitive when I was young and now I have that instilled in me," said Cutkosky. "I always give him credit for that. I also got to take in and learn from him as a character. As I'm growing older, I become more aware of this stuff. This was definitely such a cool experience and cool to be able to look back on all these years and how I got to be modeled by this as a kid. I wasn't necessarily thinking like that when I was younger."

Watch "Shameless" on Showtime and watch all of DJ Sixsmith's interviews from "The Sit-Down" series here.


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