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Erin Brockovich Takes Up Porter Ranch Residents' Cause After Gas Leak

PORTER RANCH ( — Environmental activist Erin Brockovich is speaking on behalf of Porter Ranch residents concerned that a nearby natural gas leak is harming their health.

Brockovich, whose work in the 1990's helped residents of Hinkley receive a settlement after determining that their drinking water was contaminated by a PG&E facility, said the situation in Porter Ranch bears some resemblance to her earlier work.

"There are parallels," she said. "There are communities like Porter Ranch across the country where we're having situations like this."

In the seven weeks since a natural gas leak was detected in a SoCal Gas well in Aliso Canyon, many Porter Ranch residents have said they have suffered headaches, nausea and bloody noses. Some children have even stayed home from school as a result.

SoCal Gas has offered to relocate residents, but said the leak does not pose a serious health risk.

Brockovich, whose appearance at the event was arranged by a law firm, told residents to be wary of any claim that their health is not at risk.

"SoCal gas executives should move up here with their families and see how they feel," Brockovich said.

Also on Wednesday, SoCal Gas provided a look at their efforts to drill a relief well to fix the leak. The effort is expected to take at least a couple of months.

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