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Engineer Gets Revenge On Porch Pirates With Glitter Bomb

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A porch pirate thought he scored with a fancy electronic gadget, but was instead hit with a glitter bomb developed by a former NASA engineer.

After a package was stolen from outside his home, a fed-up Mark Rober took matters into his own hands.

Rober spent several months creating a fake package that, once opened, showers a thief with glitter and a noxious "fart spray" that would deploy the moment it's opened. The package was also rigged with several phones with cameras to capture the thief's reaction.

The video, which features several thieves opening the trick package, was trending No. 1 on YouTube Tuesday.

The thieves, whose faces are pixelated, are shown yelling at the package and the smell emitting from it, throwing it outside in the garbage, and trying to vacuum up the glitter.

Rober is a former JPL scientist from Brea, who also happens to be the cousin of CBS2 anchor Peter Daut.

(A previous version of this article identified the location as Brea. We've updated the story to correct the error. - CBSLA)

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