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Embattled Anti-Muslim Film Producer Remains Locked Inside Cerritos Home

CERRITOS ( — Nakoula Nakoula, the embattled producer of the anti-Muslim movie "The Innocence of Muslims," remained locked behind the doors of his Cerritos home Friday.

Carter Evans, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, said Nakoula had a visitor.

The front door opened briefly when Nokoula's new attorney, Steve Seiden, arrived.

He said, "I've been asked to consult with Mr. Nakoula regarding matters that I'm not at liberty to discuss. We're not going to answer any questions today."

Later, Seiden spoke to Evans by phone.

Seiden is a criminal defense attorney. He told Evans he was hired specifically to represent Nakoula in regard to his supervised released after he served time for bank fraud in a federal prison.

As part of the terms of is release, Nakoula will not be allowed to use any device giving him access to the Internet. He subject to having any computers checked without notice.

Sources told Evans the probation department is investigating whether or not Nakoula might have violated the terms of his release while making his movie and publicizing it.

In the meantime, Nakoula's attorney says his client is staying put.  "You're keeping his children prisoners in their home because they're afraid to come out so they can do what they need to do. We'd appreciate it [if the media left]. And when we know more about what we are going to do in this matter, we will advise you."

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