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Elective Cosmetic Surgeries Soar In Unexpected Pandemic Side Effect

BEVERLY HILLS (CBSLA) -- For some plastic surgeons across Southern California, it isn't business as usual during the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, business is booming.

"It does help that people aren't seeing anyone," said Dr. Payman Danielpour, of the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group. "There are no parties, so everybody wants to get in and have a face lift."

But, it's not just because people have the down time to recover.

During the first three months of quarantine, when their offices were shut down, many had to cancel their scheduled surgeries, creating a backlog of patients.

Dr. Danielpour said his practice prioritized patients who were at risk, such as those with implant ruptures, hernias, and breathing difficulties.

Laura Lawrie had a capsule in her breast that required surgery to remove.

"I was a little concerned about getting my surgery during a pandemic," she said. "But Dr. Danielpour, because he and his whole staff is being so cautious about this whole thing, it made me feel safer."

Things are not like they used to be pre-COVID in this plastic surgery office. Nobody is permitted to enter without a mask, and patients are asked to wait outside until the doctor is ready for them.

Temperature checks are required for all visitors, and patients going in for surgery have to get a coronavirus test before they go under.

Another reason some are opting for more plastic surgery? Those Zoom calls that many are spending more and more time on, Dr. Danielpour said.

"I was getting text messages to come to people's houses to botox them, and I said, 'No one is seeing you. Don't worry,'" he said. "They're like, 'Everyone is seeing me!'"

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