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Neighbors Help Elderly Woman Who Lost Home In Cranston Fire

IDYLLWILD (CBSLA) — The Cranston Fire in Idyllwild burned homes and one of those houses belonged to an elderly woman with no relatives living nearby.

CBSLA's Nicole Comstock shows us how friends and strangers are coming to the rescue.

Fast-moving flames gutted the woman's cabin along Highway 74 during the first night of the Cranston Fire.

Susan Dunn knew she was watching her home burn on TV when she saw the Mountain Center sign. She had seen it out of her window for 18 years.

"Got it good. But it didn't get all of it. Didn't get the pump house," said Dunn.

The 67-year-old had just returned home from having eye surgery last Wednesday when the Cranston Fire forced her and her husband to evacuate.

"I first thought of a shovel. I have a little shovel from Grandma Francis," said Dunn.

It's the sentimental losses that hurt the most now more than ever.

Deana Womack welcomed the Dunns into her home in Perris. They were strangers before last week.

"I just wanted to put myself out there that I could take in livestock, animals, people, whatever," said Womack.

Jessica John thought Dunn was a stranger as well when she met her in Perris to drop off donations. She immediately realized she'd grown up with the family in the small town now ravaged by fire.

"It made me feel a little bit better that I could help her and that someone was OK," said John. "And of course it broke my heart because that was her home and nobody deserved that."

Dunn's was one of seven homes destroyed and four more damaged by the Cranston Fire.

She's thankful they all made it out alive.

Now the Dunns literally have to start over from scratch so if you would like to help them do that the family has set up a GoFundMe page.


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