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El Dorado Fire: Evacuations And Closures

YUCAIPA (CBSLA) – The El Dorado Fire which broke out Saturday has torched more than 10,500 acres and destroyed several homes.

Investigators believe the fire was sparked by a pyrotechnic device used by a family while they were taking a gender-reveal photo.

More than 21,000 people are under evacuations as of Tuesday. Here are the latest evacuations and closures.

Mandatory Evacuations:

  • Areas east of Bryant from Carter South to Yucaipa Blvd, then east on Yucaipa Blvd at Bryant intersection to Freemont Street, then south to Grande View Drive, then along Avenue E southeast to the intersection of Mesa Grande, east to Wildwood Canyon Rd. to include all portions of Hidden Meadows, and east to Edgar Canyon Road.
  • The portion of the Cherry Valley Community that is north of Orchard St to the County Line, and East of Nancy Ave. and west of Beaumont Ave.
  • Oak Glen (partial, see road closures)
  • Mountain Home Village
  • Forest Falls
  • North Bench Yucaipa (north of Carter St to Highway 38 and both sides of Bryant St east & west).

Evacuation Warnings:

  • East of Beaumont Ave., east to Hillside Place in the Highland Springs area, north to Cherry Valley Blvd. to the County Line Rd.

Road Closures:

  • Highway 38 at Bryant St. in Yucaipa and the community of Angelus Oaks
  • Bryant Street Between Hwy 38 and Carter Street.
  • Oak Glen Rd. between Pine Bench Rd. and Cherry Croft Dr.
  • Cross streets east of Bryant Street Between Yucaipa Blvd. and Carter St.

Recreation Closures:

  • As of 5:00 p.m. on Monday, all eight National Forests in Southern California are closed, including the San Bernardino National Forest.
  • Big Falls, Oak Glen Divide, Wilson Creek
  • Picnic Areas: Falls and Thurman Flats
  • General Areas: Yucaipa Ridge, Mill Creek drainage and off-trail areas of the San Gorgonio Wilderness south of the San Bernardino
  • Peak Divide Trail, Santa Ana River Trail between 1S14 and Middle Control Road.
  • Thomas Hunting Grounds Yellow Post Sites
  • Forest Roads: 1N12 (Near Angelus Oaks), 1S12 (Warm Springs Road), 1S13 and 1S03
  • All San Gorgonio Wilderness, Trails, Trailheads and associated Parking Lots Except for the Pacific Crest Trail remains open.

Evacuation Center:

  • Redlands East Valley High School at 31000 E. Colton Ave.
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