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Efficiently Store Holiday Decorations With Tips From Organizational Expert Justin Klosky

STUDIO CITY (KCAL9) — It's about time to put away holiday decorations! Why not store them efficiently so they are ready for next year?

Organizational expert Justin Klosky stopped by KCAL9 Monday to show viewers easy ways to store all decorations.

Before you pack: assess and edit

Before putting your holiday items away, take a few minutes how much stuff you own and how much space it is using to store. Set parameters for holiday storage space allowed and stick to them!

Look at your items- putting sentimentality aside for a moment and assess your collection. Create piles and separate the heirloom Rudolph figurines from the broken tree topper and having an honest discussion about how long you're willing to spend replacing broken twinkle lights. If you're having trouble with this, divide your items into separate piles. Donate anything you haven't used in years and throw away the damaged pieces.

Have appropriate storage pieces

Before running to the store for storage items you will need to assess your space and items. Measure your designated holiday storage space to ensure the airtight bins you purchase will not only fit but maximize the allotted space.

Storage containers NEED to be plastic and airtight. A lot can happen in the year you won't be using these items. Using plastic and airtight containers will protect your holiday heirlooms from moisture and bugs.

We recommend to also get clear bins so you can see what you have. Also be sure to label each bin with exactly what it contains to make next year's unpacking a breeze.

Organize & Create

As temping as it might be to stuff everything into containers and shove them back into your garage or under the guest bed, don't! Sorting your holiday items is essential.

Keep like items together, i.e. ornaments, tabletop items and exterior décor. Don't only pack similar items together but go the extra step to add any needed accessories to the bin as well.

Put outdoor extension cords with the light strands, extra ornament hooks with the ornaments or Hanukah candles with the menorah. Next year you will be thanking yourself for taking the extra step.

Stay discipline

The key to keeping organized through the holiday season is to stay disciplined. Always have a balance between items you need and want. This can be carried over into any area of your home or life. When you add new items, take some away and don't let your stuff take over your life.

If your friends or family have been so kind as to offer their help in packing up the holiday items, be sure they know your holiday packing process.

For more information, visit Klosky's firm, the O.C.D Experience.

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