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Ed Solomon On Hollywood Writing Career & New Movie 'No Sudden Move': 'Steven Soderbergh Is One Of The Best People I've Ever Worked With'

(CBS Local)-- Ed Solomon has crossed paths with some of the most talented actors and directors during his career as a writer, producer and director in Hollywood. The UCLA alum has written movies like "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" with Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter and "Men in Black" with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Solomon was also a writer on "It's The Garry Shandling Show" in the late 1980s.


While COVID-19 halted shooting in Hollywood for several months, 2020 has still been a busy year for Solomon. His film "Bill & Ted Face The Music" came out and the new movie he wrote for director Steven Soderbergh called "No Sudden Move" was shot in Detroit with COVID-19 protocols. It took Solomon over a decade to get "Bill & Ted Face The Music" to be a reality and he's happy people had the chance to enjoy the film at home.

"When we were first dreaming about this most recent Bill & Ted movie, of course we anticipated it would be in theaters," said Solomon, in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "We spent 12 years trying to get the thing made. Of course, given the timing of it all, we were initially a little disappointed. Then I realized that most people saw the first Bill & Ted movies well after they had been released. Most people didn't see them in theaters, most people saw them at home. At the end of the day, we kind of got lucky that it was a movie that you could enjoy without having to go out to the theaters."


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Most recently, Solomon partnered up with Soderbergh to write "No Sudden Move," which is set in Detroit in the 1950s and tells the story of a group of criminals who are hired to steal a single document and then chaos ensues from there. The movie features an incredible cast with actors like Don Cheadle, Benicio del Toro, David Harbour, Jon Hamm, Ray Liotta and Kieran Culkin. Solomon and Soderbergh worked together on HBO's "Mosaic" previously and the writer said that this was one of the coolest experiences of his career.

"We were supposed to start on April 1 and we got shut down at the end of March. There was big disappointment because we got so close. We got up and running again and everyone was paying strict attention to all the protocols," said Solomon. "It made us all really focus on how really important it is to just do your job, no matter what your job is. That's something that I and many other around me took for granted. The other big takeaway was what a great group of people we had. Steven Soderbergh is one of the best people I've ever gotten the chance to work with."

"No Sudden Move" is coming to HBO Max in 2021. Watch all of DJ Sixsmith's interviews from "The Sit-Down" series here.

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