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'This Song Feels Like Our Statement': Echosmith On New Single 'Lonely Generation' & Musical Inspirations

(CBS Local)-- Echosmith has come a long way since the band was performing on the streets of Santa Monica.

Sydney, Noah, and Graham Sierota have been a band for 12 years and are known for their hit songs "Cool Kids" and "Over My Head." The band is back with a brand new single called "Lonely Generation" and they still remember the little moments along the way.

"We spent a lot of time writing when we first got signed," said Noah Sierota in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "That was when we really kind of discovered ourselves. It took us a long time to write the record that we first put out. Cool Kids took a really long time. It took several months and it wasn't written until a year and a half after we were signed."

"Warped Tour 2013 was our first full length tour," said Sydney Sierota. "Besides that, we had just done one offs with Owl City which was really cool. That was when we got to play for all sorts of people. They would just be walking by and stop. A lot of those fans are still coming to shows now. That was the first time we really started to resonate with people. Cool Kids was only playing on a couple of college stations."

The group says some of their favorite experiences so far are performing in Europe, sharing a stage with The Killers, and meeting Sting. Their new single "Lonely Generation" is out now and the band got to play several new songs at "Live From The Artist's Den," which will air in 2020.

"We're playing six or seven new songs. It's going to be a full show," said Sydney. "We have a lot of new energy and feeling in this set. We have some fun instrumental moments too that Noah spent a lot of time on. We're excited to bring in a new era with this show."

"We always start from the standpoint of what have we gone through and what have we experienced," said Noah. "With Lonely Generation now, that song kind of feels like our statement of what we've been feeling. We aren't preaching in that song. We're a part of that. We are in this generation and we don't know what we're doing. We're still trying to figure out how to figure out the dynamic of social media and community and what all these different things mean together."

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