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Drones Now Being Used To Sell Pricey Southern California Real Estate

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Helicopter drones are one of the military's most effective tools. Unmanned aircraft that can get in and out of touch spaces without being detected.

In the tough world of real estate these days, some might call it war, those drones are now being used to sell pricey homes in Southern California.

The drones can sweep in, circle a home, take a 360 degree view and give the potential buyer the kinds of details you'd be hard pressed to find in a MLS.

Juan Fernandez, reporting for KCAL9, went in search for the man behind the drone controls.

Meet Daniel Garate.

Reports Fernandez, Garate learned about the new technology on the Internet.

Using a blueprint, he gathered up various parts to create his drone from near and far, most notably Germany, New Zealand and Australia.

He says it took several months, and tens of thousands of dollars, to build and master flying his drone.

Garate's flying camera came to the attention of Stephen Shapiro, a specialist in selling high-end properties.

To the person with $25 million to plunk down on a house -- and perhaps no free time to take an extensive tour -- what better way than to view an aerial tour?

As Fernandez showed in one particular video, the views are spectacular and grand.

They are also intimate. The small helicopter can maneuver in an out of small locations...under gates, through walkways.

In this tough economic market selling a home formerly owned by Frank Sinatra can even be a tough sell, says Fernandez. And Shapiro is hoping this high-end view, in the end, will get the job done and the property sold.

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