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Driver Slams Into Several Cars After Being Shot In The Torso

POMONA (CBSLA) -- Authorities said a male driver slammed into several cars Sunday after being shot.

The incident took place in Pomona.

Police said the man was going south on Cordova Street when he was shot in the upper torso. The driver ended up losing control of his  SUV and crashed into a series of cars on the 1300 block of Elysian Avenue .

CBS2's Jeff Nguyen reported from the scene and spoke to neighbors who were shaken up.

He spoke to one woman who was in her front yard when the shooting began. She did not want her name or face used.

"We're out here emptying out our car," she said, "and we heard like six gunshots. And all  of a sudden we were going to go back into the house but then we heard the cars crash up the street. So my son ran down the street to see if he could help. And I followed him. The gentleman was unconscious. Other people were trying to help him out. There was a nurse who lives around here She said not to move him."

The SUV caused damage to several vehicles including one that sustained severe back-end damage.

Nguyen reported the man was found slumped over the steering wheel and unconscious.

The man's present condition is unknown but he was transported to a nearby hospital alive.

Nguyen was on scene when several tow trucks arrived to take the damaged vehicles away.

Jeff McCook owned the blue truck that was damaged after his neighor's car slammed into it.

"I was terrified at first," McCook said, "thinking am I going to find body parts."

Tony Avalos was home when he heard the shots.

"It was just pop, pop, pop. And the boom -- that was it," Avalos said.

Avalos helped take the victim -- described as a man in his 40s -- out of the vehicle.

Police have not released any information about a suspect or a possible motive. They do not believe the shooting was gang-related.

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