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Dramatic Video Captures Driverless Car Doing Doughnuts On Busy Residential Street

MORENO VALLEY ( — Dramatic video captured an unmanned car doing doughnuts in reverse in Moreno Valley.

"I've lived out here a long time and I've seen a lot but I've never seen anything like this before," said Tommy Anderson, a Moreno Valley resident.

Anderson caught the incident on tape.

He says moments before he pressed record, however, a man was on top of the car in a desperate attempt to stop it.

"To turn the corner and see a guy just hanging on belly first on the roof and spinning around, I didn't know what to think. It was unreal," he said.

The incident happened right in front of apartment homes and in a busy street.

Police had to close down Frederick Street in both directions to put a spike strip down and get the car under control.

"I was actually pretty worried about the officers. They were getting pretty close to the car and, who knows, it's a driverless car, you never know which direction that thing may go," Anderson said.

Police say no one was hurt and the car's owner eventually had it towed away.

The driver apparently didn't know why this happened with his Honda Accord but told police it was likely a mechanical error.

But Anderson says everyone was just in awe. He posted the three-minute clip to Facebook.

"Last time I checked, over 16,000 views, 400 likes, and 300 shares," he said. "It was crazy."

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