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Caught On Camera: DoorDash Driver Seen Using Brentwood Lobby As Toilet

BRENTWOOD (CBSLA) — A DoorDash driver was caught on a security camera using the lobby of a Brentwood apartment building as a toilet while delivering food to a resident.

Lisa Stanley, co-host of the K-EARTH 101 morning show, shared a video to Twitter Thursday morning showing the delivery driver approaching with a bag of food and dropping it off to a neighbor before defecating into a trash can.

Stanely, who manages the building, said she didn't know what happened until a neighbor told her there were feces in the lobby. She then reviewed the security video and witnessed the act.

"I checked that video and I literally threw up I was so sick," she said. "...There is no scenario in the world for what I saw to happen. This is a health problem here because then you can be sure she was going to deliver other meals."

Stanely said she contacted DoorDash and the company informed her that the driver is no longer able to deliver with them.

According to a Tweet Stanley shared, DoorDash also refunded her food order and provided a $20 credit to her account.

Stanley said also said "Had she asked I might of let her use my bathroom!"

DoorDash released a statement saying, " The trust and safety of our community is extremely important and what's shown in this video is absolutely unacceptable and disturbing. We're deactivating this Dasher and are actively working to be in touch with building staff so we can reimburse for the cleaning costs. We will also cooperate with law enforcement on any investigation."

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