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Donald Trump Fights To Keep Large American Flag Flying At Southland Golf Course

RANCHO PALOS VERDES ( — Business magnate Donald Trump is fighting — not over an investment — but to keep the Stars and Stripes flying from a 70-foot flagpole at his Southland Trump National Golf Course.

The American flag has been the focus of a standoff between Trump and state officials, who say the business investor has not taken the proper legal steps to keep the flag flying.

The California Coastal Commission claims that Trump has not filed the necessary coastal permits to fly the flag in its current location. The commission also says he has not paid a required $10,000 fee.

Trump's attorney, however, stated that the fee has indeed been paid for.

"The flag has been up for many, many years," Trump told CBS2/KCAL9's Brittney Hopper by phone. "And after many years, we're still looking to get final approval on it. They're having a hard time approving the American flag."

On Wednesday, state officials are set to meet in Ventura County to consider a staff recommendation that the flagpole's height be lowered to 26 feet, and moved 30 feet from its current spot.

"I have only heard one complaint," Palos Verdes resident Scott Winters said. "Everyone else actually kind of thinks they're making maybe a little bit of a bigger deal out of the situation."

Winters, who grew up nearby and is used to seeing the flag, suggests that a number of residents in the community would be upset if the flag does get lowered.

"There's a lot of other local issues that are far more important than the height of a flag," Winters added.

Rancho Palos Verdes City Councilman Jim Knight, meanwhile, says that the issue is less about the height of the flag, and more about adhering to the rules and codes.

Trump ultimately says that he will continue to fight to keep the flag at its current height and location.

"I will fight for the American flag."

Several local city council members are expected to attend Wednesday's meeting.

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