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Dolphins Gather As Crews Try To Rescue Dolphin Stranded In Bolsa Chica Channel

HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBS) — As many as seven dolphins have gathered outside a Southern California channel where crews have been trying to rescue a dolphin that wandered inside Friday.

Crews, along with officers from the Department of Fish and Game, were on the scene near Bolsa Chica State Beach to help the dolphin, who was seen swimming in circles and apparently playing in a channel by Sky 2. The channel is separated from the ocean by Pacific Coast Highway and the beach.

Officials said the dolphin appears healthy.

Between 4-7 dolphins of the stranded mammal's pod, grouped outside the channel at about 2 p.m. apparently waiting for their missing member to join them.

Crews said their position in the water and the crowd of people standing at the channel have put stress on the animal. That kind of stress can agitate the animal and trigger it to begin thrashing around with its very powerful fin -- a potential risk to the rescuers. Officials said they would put their rescue effort on hold. They will wait until the tide rises later in the day to see if the dolphin can swim out of the channel on his own.


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