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Dog Rescued From Corona Mine Shaft Looking For A Home

CYPRESS ( — A pitbull named "Corona" is looking for a permanent home after she was miraculously rescued  from a deserted mine shaft in Corona on Friday by a man who was 4-wheeling in the area.

Michael Schoepf of Cypress said he was off-roading with friends "in the middle of nowhere" near Lake Matthews when he turned onto a dirt road that led him to an abandoned mine shaft 75-feet deep.

Schoepf took a look down the deep, dark pit and saw something looking back at him -- Corona's eyes.

He said he felt compelled to then retrieve a long piece of rope and descend the shaft to rescue Corona from a certain death.

Praying the rope would hold their weight, Schoepf said he climbed back up with Corona on his shoulders.

Corona, who is 1-years-old, had suffered some minor cuts and scrapes and one of her eyes appears to be temporarily damaged, but she had no broken bones.

The next challenge for Corona? Finding a home.

A veterinarian found an identifying chip in her neck, but it lacked specific information. It only said "Riverside, CA."

Schoepf posted his story in the Facebook group "Riverside CA Lost And Found Pets," in the hopes of finding Corona's owner.

If no owner comes forward, Schoepf said he might adopt Corona as his own.

"She gets a second chance,"  he said. "She's very well deserving of it."


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