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Looking For A Furry Friend? Here Are 6 Delightful Doggies To Adopt Now In Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (Hoodline) — Start your day off right by browsing through cuddly canines! There are dozens of dogs up for adoption right here in Los Angeles.

Hoodline partnered with Petfinder, an online adoption site that lists "more than 315,000 adoptable pets from nearly 14,000 animal shelters and rescue groups" to bring you this roundup of dogs near you.

(Details like pet availability, training, vaccinations and other features are based on data provided by Petfinder and may be subject to change; contact the shelter for the latest information.)

Lilo, shepherd and husky mix

Lilo is a lovable male shepherd and husky mix being kept at Bark n' Bitches - Jimi's Angels.

Lilo is a social animal, and he's happy to keep company with other dogs. No need to worry: He is already house-trained. He has been vaccinated and neutered.

Notes from Lilo's caretakers:

Lilo is a smart boy. He will need to be challenged to work her brain.

Read more about how to adopt Lilo on Petfinder.

Georgia, pointer mix

Georgia is a female pointer mix currently residing at Wags and Walks.

Georgia is a social butterfly, and she'll get along great with your other dogs. She already has had all of her shots, and she is spayed. She's already house-trained.

From Georgia's current caretaker:

Her name is Georgia since she immediately reminded us of a peach. One look into her soft eyes and you can see what a loving, kind and sweet soul Georgia is. At only one year old, she is the perfect age for being past her puppy phase but young, active and ready for a family of her own.

Apply to adopt Georgia today at Petfinder.

Jack, husky mix

Jack is a male husky mix staying at I Stand With My Pack.

Jack is eager to make friends, and he'll get along great with other dogs. He has had all his shots. He's already house-trained.

From Jack's current caretaker:

Jack has the sweetest demeanor and gentle touch. He's calm when he needs to be and his happiest, lively self always. Jack loves to play and exercise, but also loves his naps. Jack is the perfect dog to bring with you out on the town, on hikes and long walks or on road trips.

Read more about Jack on Petfinder.

Tamale, French bulldog

Tamale is an adorable female French bulldog dog in the care of A Purposeful Rescue.

Tamale needs special time to bond with you: She'll need a home free of other dogs and cats. She is sweet with small children. Fear not: She's already house-trained. She has had all of her shots, and she's spayed. Tamale is a special needs pet, so please inquire about her specific care requirements.

Read more about how to adopt Tamale on Petfinder.

Sasha, Labrador retriever mix

Sasha is a darling female Labrador retriever mix staying at Wags and Walks.

Sasha is the life of the party — she loves other dogs. Sasha is already spayed and vaccinated. She is already house-trained.

Here's what Sasha's friends at Wags and Walks think of her:

She can be a little nervous in new environments but is treat motivated and warms up quickly. She was likely in an accident as a puppy which caused one of her legs to be a little shorter than the other. X-rays have been performed and there is nothing wrong with her — she will just run a bit funny, which only adds to her charm.

Apply to adopt Sasha today at Petfinder.

Kelly Kapowski, pug and chihuahua mix

Kelly Kapowski is a winsome female pug and chihuahua mix being cared for at The Real Bark.

Kelly Kapowski is a social butterfly, and she gets along well with other dogs. Her vaccinations are up to date, and she's spayed. Fear not: She's already house-trained.

Here's what Kelly Kapowski's friends at The Real Bark think of her:

Darling Kelly Kapowski] is adjusting well to her foster home where she's perfecting her potty habits and learning to walk on leash with a harness. She is a very sweet, gentle and quiet girl who is comfortable being held or being on a lap... Her ideal home would be in a house with a small yard. She would also be fine in an apartment or a condo with frequent, patient walks.

Read more about Kelly Kapowski on Petfinder.

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