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"He said he would do it again;" Couple at center of Dodger Stadium proposal recounts viral moment

Couple at center of Dodger Stadium proposal recounts viral moment
Couple at center of Dodger Stadium proposal recounts viral moment 01:56

Just one day into the 2023 MLB season and already the Los Angeles Dodgers are the talk of the town, and it has nothing to do with their lopsided Opening Day victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks. 

Video that has run rampant on social media in recent hours shows Ricardo Juarez dashing into centerfield of Dodger Stadium in the middle of the seventh inning of Thursday night's game, where he quickly gets on a knee to propose to his girlfriend. 

His plans were brought to an equally quick end -- without even receiving an answer -- when a member of the stadium's security team comes sprinting through left field before blindsiding Juarez. 

Juarez, 35, said it was at that moment that he knew he wanted to make things official with Stephani Gutierrez. The couple have been together for three years, after being introduced by a mutual friend. 

Originally, he had planned to propose in the stands, but after partaking in a little "liquid courage" throughout the first part of the game, he decided that Gutierrez deserved a bigger audience. 

"I don't know. I'm not thinking -- just go over there and jump in," he recalled.

After the tackle, Juarez was handcuffed and escorted off the field to raucous cheers from the crowd at Chavez Ravine. He was released from the stadium's holding cell after the game, when he was finally able to get an answer to the night's most pressing question. 

"When we picked him up, he got on his knees again and he asked me and I said yes!" Gutierrez said. 

Even though he's banned from attending games at Dodger Stadium for the next year, and he feels like he was hit by an NFL linebacker, Juarez said it was all worth it. 

"He said he would do it again," Gutierrez said. 

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