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Frontline Workers Head Out To Dodger Stadium To Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) -- Frontline workers were packing into the parking lot at Dodger Stadium on Saturday to receive their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine at L.A.'s newest mass vaccination site.

"It's awesome I think. We've been waiting for a long time and working with people that are ill or that might have it. It's been kinda scary," pharmacist Jeff Lee said.

Jeff Lee and his family run a pharmacy, and they were quick to make their appointments to get the shot.

"We made the appointment yesterday so I think if you have the correct documentation then it's an easy process," pharmacist Angie Lee said.

The vaccination site opened on Friday, giving out about 2,200 shots.

The Los Angeles Fire Department is in charge of logistics for the massive undertaking.

"One hundred and twenty vehicles are vaccinated potentially all at the same time," said David Ortiz of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

David Ortiz says today 12 teams are moving car-to-car to administer the vaccine.

There is one clinician per team giving the shot, someone to document and another person to assist.

"We have people that are roving, also watching for any reactions. We have paramedics on standby in case that were to happen. That hasn't happened yet to my knowledge," Ortiz said.

Four thousand shots are expected to be given out on Saturday.

Next week, two other parking lots will open up with the goal of eventually vaccinating 12,000 people per day.

"It was a little bit of waiting but the actual vaccination went really fast. It was painless," Jeff Lee said.

Saturday's warm temperatures presented a challenge because the vaccine must be temperature-controlled, but tents were set up to help keep that in order.

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti is hoping the federal government will send more doses to Southern California to keep this vaccination line moving.

"I do feel relieved. It's been a long year," Angie Lee said.

So far, L.A. County is still only focusing on vaccinating medical workers before moving on to other high-risk groups.

The Dodger Stadium vaccination site, which was once a massive testing location, will be closed on Monday for the Martin Luther King holiday and vaccines will continue being administered on Tuesday morning.

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