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DMV Reportedly Revokes Epileptic Deputy's Driver's License Months After Deadly Crash

FILLMORE (CBS) — The DMV has allegedly revoked the driver's license of an L.A. County Sheriff's deputy who caused a deadly crash when he blacked out at the wheel, authorities reported.

According to investigators, 30-year-old Michael Cedarland was behind the wheel when his vehicle careened off Highway 126 and into a Starbucks in December 2011.

Cedarland's SUV fatally struck 30-year-old Sergio Mendez, an Iraqi war veteran who was sitting inside the coffee shop.

Preliminary reports show the off-duty deputy either fell asleep or lost consciousness before the crash. Investigators later determined the Pasadena resident suffered a seizure.

Just three weeks later, Cedarland suffered another seizure behind the wheel.

But the California Department of Motor Vehicles didn't suspend Cedarland's license until this Tuesday.

The DMV argued that it was other organizations that dropped the ball.

"This person got in a wreck and we were never notified. We didn't get an accident report or notice of re-examination," a DMV spokesperson said.

The DMV claims that Ventura County Sheriff's deputies were required to tell them Cederland may have passed out while driving -- but never did.

The agency is also blaming Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena.

On January 3, Cedarland was reportedly brought here after suffering another seizure. The DMV alleges that the hospital did not follow through on its obligation to notify them.

Neither Cedarland nor the Ventura County Sheriff's Department would comment on the situation.

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