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DivorceHotel Where You Check In Married, Check Out Divorced All In Just 1 Weekend

LOS ANGELES ( — Instead of a destination wedding, couples can now have a destination divorce.

To avoid what can be a drawn-out and contentious process, couples who want to officially split can make it quick and hopefully easy by checking into DivorceHotel, where they check in married and check out divorced, all in one weekend.

For the price of $8,000 to $12,000, mediators and lawyers can help soon-to-be divorcees cut the cord in just two days.

"The whole idea is to get away from outside influences," Michele Martin, mediator at DivorceHotel said. "There are beautiful surroundings. The couples take breaks. They go on bike rides. It doesn't need to be the worst experience of your entire life the way people think of divorce."

But DivorceHotel may not be suitable for some. "The devil is in the details of an acceptable, agreeable and sustainable marital settlement. I hope that can be done in two and a half days. I kind of wonder though," CBS2 Legal Analyst Steve Meister questioned.

DivorceHotel, created by a company in The Netherlands, has expanded to Upstate New York. By the end of this year, DivorceHotel plans to be in Los Angeles.

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