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Disturbing, Bizarre Road Rage Incident Caught On Camera

ANAHEIM (CBSLA) – A bizarre, disturbing and uniquely strange road rage incident played out in Orange County Tuesday and the entire incident was captured on cellphone video.

KCAL9's Stacey Butler spoke to the victims – a rattled Anaheim mom and her daughter – as police continue to look for the suspect, a man unknown to the victim. He ended up smashing her windshield with his bare hands.

"I'm still scared," said the mom who didn't want to show her face. "I'm traumatized that he's gonna come back."

She's traumatized but she said she wants everyone to get a good look at the video her 13-year-old daughter shot during the random attack that occurred around 2:30 p.m.

It happened just after she picked up her children from school.

"I looked in my rear view mirror," says Veneranda Valencia, "This guy was following me."

Valencia says a friend was in the passenger seat. Her daughters, ages 12 and 13, were in the back.

She says, without provocation, a "crazed" man in a white Jeep Cherokee followed her out of a parking lot and into the middle of a street in Anaheim.

"That's when he came on the side of the right of me, and that's when he cut me off. And then he got out of the car."

She says she told him to leave her kids alone, and he continued to run towards the car.

"He jumped on my car," Valencia says, "and he started punching on my windshield."

cracked windshield road rage
(credit: Veneranda Valencia)

He smashed her windshield using only his fists.

"I was just scared that he would pull out a gun or a knife or something," says Valencia.

She saw the man get back into his SUV and then she called police.

"It never crossed my mind that he would do that," says Valencia. "Or approach like that. I feel like he's not in his right state of mind. He needs help."

Police are continuing to look for the suspect but all they have to go on is a blurred photo of his license plate.

Valencia says she and her friend have no idea who the man is or why he chose to come after them.

Valencia says she is worried because the suspect is still out there and he could be looking for another target.

"He could be dangerous, more dangerous. He could hurt somebody else. I want him caught," Valencia said.

Police are also scouring the area for possible videotape showing other angles or the vehicle.

If you know who the suspect is, you're asked to call Anaheim Police.

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