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VIDEO: Irate Resident Threatens Neighbors, Refuses To Open Door For Santa Monica Police

SANTA MONICA (CBSLA) – A Santa Monica resident has his neighbors living in fear after allegedly hurling expletives and threats at them on multiple occasions, and neither the landlord nor authorities have been able to evict the man.

The building, which is rent controlled, is right across the street from the sandy beaches of Santa Monica. Many people said they've lived there for 30 years or more, but several residents have said living in the building over the past several months has become a nightmare because of one particular tenant.

"You Scientology pedophiles! I'll f--- you up you motherf-----," the man says in a cell phone video captured by a resident. "You f------ pedophile lying in wait on the stairwell. I'm filming you too f------ pedophiles."

The man shouting obscenities is identified in court documents as Mark Yaskoweak.

Residents say he has been screaming insults and threats of violence at all hours for at least the past six month.

Betty Oliver, 70, lives next door.

"He jumps out of his room and starts terrorizing us. He tells us he's going to kill us. He tells us that he's gonna rape us," she said.

"Every one of you are going to die by the death f------ penalty you Scientologist pedophiles," Yaskoweak said on video.

Anna Zitos live directly above him on the second floor.

"When he bangs on his heater with a pipe or something then I wake up at 3 or 4 in the night," she said.

When asked if she thinks the man is a threat to her safety, she replied, "Yes, because mental illness can only get worse. It's just a time bomb."

Residents said they're even afraid to get their mail.

Yaskoweak would not open the door for CBS2's Randy Paige, but he was willing to shout through the door to Santa Monica police.

"I will be shooting to kill these terrorists, and you cannot overestimate. Have a nice day!" Yaskoweak said.

In the video of the exchange, which was recorded by a neighbor, it appeared an officer at Yaskoweak's door responded by saying, "OK, good night."

Police said they have a misdemeanor arrest warrant, which won't allow them to make a forced entry.

Neighbors said Yaskoweak never leaves his apartment and has his food delivered in boxes.

The sheriff's department said they have been trying to evict him as safely as possible. But the eviction order was issued in December, and people who live in the building are angry it's taking so long.

A resident had this message for the sheriff's department: "If it was your family, you wouldn't leave it with somebody like that in the building,"

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