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Disney cast members allege unfair labor practices over union buttons

Disney cast members accuse theme park of unfair labor practices over union button rule
Disney cast members accuse theme park of unfair labor practices over union button rule 01:17

Disney cast members filed an unfair labor practice charge, alleging they were treated unfairly for wearing union buttons while working.

"Cast members have been at the bargaining table for months trying to win a fair contract because we deserve more, but the company has been busy breaking the law, surveilling, intimidating and disciplining cast members for exercising their rights," Disneyland cast member Michi Cordell said. 

The cast members claim over 550 of their peers faced unlawful discipline, intimidation and surveillance for wearing union buttons supporting their contract. Disney officials refuted this claim by saying they were asked to remove the buttons since they didn't comply with the costumes. 

"Disneyland Resort cast members may only wear buttons and pins that are a part of their costumes while at work so that the show is maintained for our guests," a Disneyland spokesperson said. 

At first, employees are given a verbal warning, but disciplinary actions escalate after multiple violations. Disney claims that less than a handful of disciplinary actions have been handed out. 

"These unfair labor practices are hindering our ability to get the fair contract we deserve and Disney must be held accountable and prevented from further threatening us, the cast members who make the magic for guests on a daily basis," Cordell said. 

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