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Discussion About Military Force Against Syria Rages At Town Hall In Westchester

WESTCHESTER (  — The debate over what the US should do about the Syrian government continues to rage and heat up.

The latest battleground, a town hall on radio held this evening at Loyola Marymount University in Westchester where both sides made their case.

KCAL9's Political Reporter Dave Bryan says finding consensus does not appear to be an easy task. He also reported that President Obama is going to have an uphill battle convincing the America people this country should get involved or have a military strike against Syria.

The president of the Syrian American Council of Los Angeles urged a US military strike against Syrian president Bashar al Assad's regime.

"We have an obligation to stand for what is right," said Hassan Twiet, "there are a lot of dead people in Syria. We are not the policemen of the world, but we have the moral obligation to make things right."

But no sooner had his plea for help finished then a young Christian who fled Syria to the US for asylum said it was the rebels who attacked her family, not the Assad regime.

"I strongly disagree with everything you just said," the refugee said. "The regime is protecting the people. I came here in January and if it weren't for the regime, I would probably be dead right now. My family was also directly attacked. My neighborhood was bombed several times. We came here fearing for our lives. We came with nothing."

San Pedro Democratic congresswoman Janice Hahn received applause from the audience when she talked about her doubts that a military strike is the best way go in Syria.

"It's the first time I will vote on a resolution to authorize a president to use military force against a county that has not attacked us," said Hahn. "I took the red eye last Saturday night, I flew back to Washington, D.C. so I could see, for myself, the classified documents, and I participated in a classified briefing with about 100 of my colleagues, and I'll tell you, I came away unconvinced that military action at this time, is the right course for the United States."

Outside the town hall, Bryan asked Hahn about her vote and what it would be if held today.

She said, "No. No question, I feel in my heart it's not the right thing for us to do."

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