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Diamond Valley Lake Wildflower Trail Closed Due To 'Excessive Foot Traffic'

HEMET ( — The so-called "superbloom" has apparently made some fans of wildflowers super obnoxious.

Diamond Valley Lake's wildflower trail has become so popular these past few weeks, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California – which oversees the lake – had to close it "due to excessive foot traffic."

To put it plainly, too many people were going off-trail and trampling the wildflowers.

"Measures were set up to reinforce the importance of trail rules and to ensure that the Reserve resources are protected while visitors experience the beauty of the wildflowers," according to Diamond Valley Lake's website.

The half-mile seasonal Wildflower Trail has been wildly popular since the area around the lake began blooming in February due to the record rainfall the area received during the winter.

wildflower map
(credit: Metropolitan Water District)

Lakeview Trail, which runs alongside the lake, remains open, and has some spots where flowers can be viewed. But it's not as up-close-and-personal as the Wildflower Trail.

MWD officials say that when the trail is reopened, it will sport new signs reminding visitors to stay on the trails in English, Spanish, Chinese and Korean, according to the Daily Bulletin.

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