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Devastated Mom Mourns Twin Daughters Killed While Trick-Or-Treating

SANTA ANA (   —  Three 13-year-olds were killed by a hit-and-run driver Friday evening.

On Saturday, on the corner the three young girls were killed, there is a growing memorial glowing with candles lit in their honor.

KXAL9's Cristy Fajardo spoke to the mother of two of the victims -- twin sisters Lexi and Lexandra Huerta Perez.

In Spanish, Cynthia Huerta said, "It's not fair, it's not fair. He's free and I'm without my daughters."

Her two daughters were excited about going out with another friend -- Andrea Gonzalez.

All three were hit by a hit-and-run driver. Police say the driver of a SUV and a male passenger fled the scene without rendering aid to the victims.

Officials said the SUV was found abandoned nearby. The vehicle was registered to an old, out-of-date address, authorities said.

Lexi and Lexandra Perez
Lexi and Lexandra Perez were killed Friday night while trick-or-treating with a friend. (credit:

"I can't find the words to describe this intense pain," Huerta said.

One mourner said she cannot believe someone could hit the girls and flee.

"It made me so sick to my stomach. To think three kids out to have fun could be killed like like that," said community member Martys Ownby.

Fajardo reported that people were coming by the makeshift memorial morning, noon and night -- many crying. So many people came to the location, police had to set up a barricade to keep the crowds safe and away from traffic.

Loved ones have started a Facebook page in the girls' honor.

The heartbroken family is hoping people will help with donations. They say they are unable to afford burial costs.

Friends described the twins as funny and full of dreams. The types of kids who never hurt a soul.

Lexi dreamed of being a veterinarian and Alexandra aspired to be a teacher.

"The [hit-and-run driver] hurt us very bad. I don't know what they were thinking." said aunt Magaly Huerta, "I don't know why they couldn't stop."


Police Seek Hit-And-Run Suspect Who Mowed Down 3 Girls Trick-Or-Treating


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