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Demonstrators Take To UCLA, Protest Talk By Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin

WESTWOOD (CBSLA) -- United States Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin faced protesters while visiting the UCLA for a talk on economic policy Monday afternoon.

Faculty, staff and students from UCLA, including demonstrators dressed as Louis XVI of France and Marie Antoinette, came together for a peaceful protest with the aim of sending a message to Mnuchin rather than attempting to shut down the event.

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"Clearly in our country now, aristocracy trumps democracy," one protester told CBS2's Jo Kwon. "So we're here to support them and their tax policies and taking from the poor to give to the rich," said the protester sarcastically.

UCLA law professor Lara Stemple organized the protests and said that protest participants inside the talk plan to show their disapproval of Mnuchin but will avoid shutting down the event with shouting.

"We will be wearing black," said Stemple. "We will be not applauding at all, instead hissing as appropriate."

A number of protesters accuse Mnuchin of supporting tax policies that benefit corporations and the wealthy, ultimately hurting middle and low-income Americans.

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