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Delta Air Lines Ad Featuring Jumbo-Jet, Porsche In Thrilling Stunt Goes Viral

VAN NUYS ( — Local stunt crews managed to capture a jumbo jet, a Porsche and a helicopter as they all raced down a runway at the same time, and the video has gone viral.

The stunt was part of the latest advertisement campaign from Delta Air Lines, despite looking like it was a scene from a big-budget action film.

The video features an innovative shot of the plane's belly as it flew over the Porsche, being driven by stunt driver Roger Richman and topping out at approximately 170 miles per hour.

"The plane really puts out a kick, and it puts out a lot of decibels," Richman said. "You get a very visceral feeling when the plane goes over the top. It shakes your body, it shakes the car."

In order to make sure the stunt was completely safe, the crew had to calculate what it took to get the plane 35 feet over the car, and to get the shot of the Delta logo as it went by.

"I'd say (Roger) probably used up about seven or eight thousand feet of runway," aerial coordinator Kevin LaRosa said. "The A-330 used up roughly five thousand feet."

The ad was shot in the Mojave Desert, where the crew says the conditions were perfect. LaRosa says the Porsche was always roughly 1,000 feet in front of the plane, and away from its engines.

"There were so many things that were first," LaRosa said. "(It) made perfect sense to actually show the behind the scenes, because that's really the interesting part here."

Delta says the ad is currently solely running online, but that there is enough material to see it elsewhere in the future.

The ad can be seen in its entirety here.

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