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Days Before Halloween, High-Tech Light Display Shut Down For Second Time

RIVERSIDE ( — For a second time, a high-tech Halloween display in Riverside has been shut down, leaving its creators and some neighbors crushed.

Officers delivered the news Sunday night to the display's creators.

Kevin Judd said officers told him that the show at the home on Deercreek Drive violated a noise ordinance.

"They sat and watched for a while and then they waited until it was over," Judd said. "And then they came over, told us pretty much we were done."

Amber Judd added: "It was truly just purely to bring happiness and cohesiveness to the families and friends."

The elaborate coordination of lights and music was a collaboration between two families.

The Judds did most of the legwork, while Mark Betty let them use his home, which is across from a park, allowing families to gather and enjoy.

"The crowd was sitting in the grass area. We weren't blocking traffic or leaving trash or anything," said Kevin Judd.

The Judds would have used their own home, but two years ago, they had a similar production and were told it had to be turned off.

Betty said: "I talked to my neighbors on this street 'cause we deal with most of the traffic and issues, and they were all happy with it."

However, neighbors who complained said the crowds were just too loud.

"The show was awesome. He did a really good job laying it all out. The problem I think most of us had [was] just the environmental impact of the neighborhood with all the people that showed up. There were so many people, cars. The disrespect of the people that were coming here. Parking in no-parking zones and just kinda overtook the neighborhood," another resident said.

According to the families, the lights and music will remain off. However, next year, they say, they may try to get permits so they can bring the show back.


Halloween Light Show Moves To New Riverside Home With Fanfare Years After Shutdown

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